Who We Are
We are an online, mail-order pharmacy located in Ontario. We partner with all elements in the healthcare field across Canada to provide a seamlessly integrated, hospital-level quality of care to all Canadians in a community setting. Our goal is to ensure that all patients are able to safely and conveniently access the medications they need without any barriers.

We currently serve thousands of patients across the province and work alongside hundreds of physicians in the community to improve healthcare outcomes for their patients.
Healthcare Partners
Vaughan Heart Institute
Comprehensive, state of the art cardiology practice with specialization in clinical consultations, coronary angiograms, coronary angioplasty and cardiac surgery.
Dialysis Management Clinics
Collaborates with you, your family, and your wider healthcare team to provide tailored care in a relaxed and familiar setting.
Connect with an online Board-Certified Canadian Dermatologist within days! OHIP-covered walk-in visits.

Lawrence Park Cardiology
Is midtown Toronto's top cardiology group. Provides the most comprehensive cardiac care to patients.
Yorkview Cardiology
Provides Cardiology consultations and a full spectrum of diagnostic tests related to cardiovascular diseases.
Heart Health Institute
Heart Health Institute is a group of cardiologists who provide contemporary cardiac diagnosis and treatment.
Vita Health Cardiac Center
Provides personalized medicine using a combination of genetic markers and blood test markers (biomarkers) to diagnose common and rare cardiac diseases and also to optimize medical therapies.
Affinity Health
Affinity Health is a professional, Canadian-owned company offering customized home and health care solutions to people of all ages.
PharmAssist Medication Management
Adds Value to Your Business
Integrated Healthcare
EMR integration provides multiple services to your health team and patients and promotes efficient collaboration between our team and yours.
health monitoring
Our regular monitoring of patient health updates on OLIS optimizes patient care and promotes timely therapeutic interventions.
Health Data Science
We precisely mass identify patients based on clinical criteria to proactively manage their health conditions and avoid unexpected health events.
Healthcare Networking
Join a large network of multi-disciplinary clinics for better management of patients with various clinical needs and multiple health conditions.
Compounding Services
We provide access to competitively priced, high quality compounded formulations to meet different patient needs.
Nationwide Service Coverage
Our experienced team is trained to manage and process nationwide services in a timely manner.
PSP Expertise
Fast, automated and streamlined coverage of specialty drugs with minimal clinician intervention to ensure
continuity of care.
Virtual Collaboration
Our software solutions allows virtual clinics to prescribe and we will counsel, process and deliver to your patients nationwide.
Let's Work Together!
Thank you for your interest in becoming a part of our growing network at PharmAssist Medication Managment. We look forward to exploring opportunities to collaborate.
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14-44 East Beaver Creek Rd
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Mon-Fri: 9:00AM - 6:00PM
Sat: 10:00AM - 3:00PM
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