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Minor Ailments
Our pharmacists are now able to diagnose and prescribe for 13 medical conditions, and deliver the treatment to you for free!
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Core Services
Our strategy is to deliver the best pharmaceutical care in the comfort of your home
Free At Home Medications Review
We ensure that you receive the best medical services, including free home visits from our pharmacists to review your medications, answer your questions and provide recommendations to your medication regimen.
Free Deliveries Across
Your medications will be delivered right to your door
securely and safely for free at your convenience.

Why Choose PharmAssist?
Automatic Refills
Save time and effort by choosing to have your medications automatically refilled and delivered to your door.
Great Discounts
We believe that all patients deserve the best medical service at the lowest possible cost. PharmAssist patients enjoy great discounts on many products.
Blister Packaging at No Additional Cost
If you are confused by your medications schedule, our free blister packaging service will guarantee compliance, and reduce the risk of missed doses.
Closer Circle of Care
Our pharmacy has direct electronic intergration with multiple clinics, which allows us to verify, review and recommend the most appropriate therapy for you.
Lab Results Analysis
PharmAssist is the first retail pharmacy in Canada that has access to the patient's lab results, allowing us to provide you with the best guidance to your medication regimen, providing hospital level of care for community patients.
Smoking Cessation Program
Our trained pharmacists will provide support and counseling to those who wish to quit smoking. We recommend smoking cessation treatments that suit each patient indvidually to achieve a successful quit.
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